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We are a team of designers, developers, and marketing experts who have come together to solve the biggest problem in mobile commerce: making people buy more.

We know that when customers find it easier to purchase items on your website, they will spend more time browsing and buying–and so will their friends.

The Buzz Messaging app that makes it easy for customers to shop from your website right on their phone.

It’s like having an assistant with infinite patience standing right next to them ready to answer questions, book an appointment, or check prices!

Buzz Messaging has helped businesses increase sales by 30% to 100%.

We’re looking for case studies now, so you can lock in our low introductory offer price before we go live with our pricing structure later this year.



Buzz Messaging System

Ground breaking new system that makes customer service simple & increases your website sales 30% – 100%

Forward Thinking

We are always testing new systems & ideas to keep our clients on the cutting edge of digital marketing.

Problem Solvers

No matter how bad things are, we will fix it for you. We have saved 2 businesses from closing so far. Have faith!

Customer Support

Our support is like no other. We are a boutique agency with weekend help and your problems are our problems!

Mark Stafford

Mark Stafford


Mark is the Founder of the Buzz Messaging System which is helping small businesses increase their website sales by 30% – 100%.

He is the principal at Stafford Web Marketing and has helped over 100 businesses figure out how to market online and even saved 2 companies from bankruptcy.

David B.

David B.

Sales Manager

David is a sales teaching and doing machine. He is here if you have sales questions.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon


New personnel coming soon!